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Ah, the humble CV. Your ticket to career glory, or that crumpled piece of paper destined to line the bottom of a bin overflowing with rejections. Fear not, intrepid job seekers of Leicester, for My Perfect Writing's Resume Writing Service in Leicester is here to transform your resume from a soggy Tesco Value sandwich to a Michelin-starred feast fit for the discerning eyes of hiring managers. So, get our CV Writing Service in Leicester to become successful in your career goals.

Why Resume Writing Service in Leicester?

  1. It reads like a dusty textbook: Sentences longer than the queue for Greggs on payday, enough jargon to make a linguistics professor weep, and formatting that would make even Marie Kondo shudder. Your CV should be a punchy read, not a Victorian novel trapped in Comic Sans purgatory.

  2. It boasts about achievements like "made tea once": Let's face it, unless you single-handedly averted a zombie apocalypse using only a stapler and a PowerPoint presentation, some of your "achievements" might need a bit of... embellishment. We're not talking fabricating facts like a dodgy second-hand car salesman, but highlighting your skills and accomplishments in a way that makes you sound like the office superhero you truly are (minus the cape, maybe).

  3. It's as visually appealing as a lukewarm cup of builder's tea: Times New Roman? Comic Sans? Papyrus? Please, these fonts haven't been trendy since dial-up internet and tamagotchis. My Perfect Writing's team of design wizards will whip up a CV that's in line with the Applicant Tracking System, making you stand out like a sequined suit at a beige business conference.

So, how can My Perfect Writing's CV Writing Service in Leicester be your knight in shining armour (or at least a helpful bloke with a thesaurus)?

  1. We'll unearth your hidden gems: Remember that time you saved the company from a rogue paperclip infestation? Or when you presented to the CEO in your pyjamas (on purpose, of course, for maximum impact)? We'll dig up those buried treasures and polish them into dazzling career highlights.

  2. We'll craft words that sing (or at least hum a catchy tune): Gone are the days of dry, robotic prose. We'll inject your CV with personality and pizazz, making you sound like the most interesting person since sliced bread (with extra butter, obviously).

  3. We'll tailor your CV like a bespoke Savile Row suit: No one-size-fits-all templates here. We'll tailor your CV to the specific job and industry, ensuring you hit the bullseye (metaphorically, not literally, please don't throw your CV at the hiring manager).

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Beyond the CV

My Perfect Writing doesn't just write fancy CVs, we're your career fairy godmothers (minus the pumpkin carriage and talking mice, sorry). We offer:

  1. Expert cover letter writing: Because a killer CV needs a wingman, and your cover letter is Robin to your Batman (or vice versa, we don't judge).

  2. LinkedIn profile polishing: Make your online presence as shiny as a freshly minted £2 coin.

  3. Interview coaching: Feeling like a deer caught in the headlights of a recruiter's questions? We'll have you answering with the confidence of a seasoned politician (minus the scandals, hopefully).


So, ditch the Tesco Value CV and step into the My Perfect Writing CV emporium. We'll have you landing interviews faster than you can say "I'm available to start immediately!" Remember, your CV is your first impression, make it a masterpiece (or at least a decent sketch) with My Perfect Writing's CV Writing Service!

P.S. We also offer discounts for students, because let's face it, post-grad life is expensive enough without shelling out for a fancy CV.


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