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What is Essay Writing?

Essay writing is the process of putting ideas, arguments, or facts in an organized form. It includes the structuring of ideas, arguing them with details, and presenting them well in the introduction, thesis body, and conclusion. As essay writers, we have the goal of writing different kinds of essays for numerous purposes: academic evaluation or informative and persuasive communication.

How to Write a Good Essay?

  1. Start with thorough research: Gather relevant information and sources.

  2. Craft a compelling thesis statement: It is absolutely clear what you want to say in your essay.

  3. Plan and outline: Structure your thoughts, and structure the essay.

  4. Engaging introduction: Hook the reader and provide background.

  5. Well-structured body paragraphs: Justify your arguments using evidence.

  6. Cohesive transitions: Ensure smooth transitions between paragraphs.

  7. Strong conclusion: Key points are summarized and the thesis is restated.

  8. Proofread and edit: Remove mistakes and polish your work for readability.

  9. Citation and referencing: Cite by the set citation style, for instance, APA or MLA.

  10. Seek feedback: Let someone criticize your essay for you to make amendments to it.

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What are Discussion Posts and How to Write a Good One?

Discussion Posts are short written responses to discussion topics on online blogs, social networks, or academic websites that engage in debates and discussions. They promote interaction among people by sharing their opinions, ideas, and information. 

How to Write a Good Discussion Post?

  1. Stay on Topic: Focus on the topic and post relevant material.

  2. Be Clear and Concise: Present your ideas concisely and do not use excessive terminology.

  3. Engage Others: Promote responses through questions or suggestions.

  4. Support with Evidence: Evidence or proof of every statement.

  5. Respect Others' Opinions: Build a culture of respect by recognizing diversity.

  6. Proofread: Then, proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes before publishing.

  7. Participate Actively: Engage in productive discussions with other students by responding to their posts.

  8. Follow Guidelines: Follow the platform-specific rules and guidelines for posting etiquette.

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